How to Add a Privacy Policy to Your Site

Did you know that Commission Junction (aka CJ) requires every site that uses CJ links to have a privacy policy? Not only that, CJ is very specific about what should be in a privacy policy. You can read CJ’s requirements here but the paragraphs I’m referring to state:

2. Publisher Obligations to CJ.

(b) Use of Links. You represent and warrant that all promotional means used by You will not contain objectionable content (including but not limited to content that is misleading, libelous, defamatory, obscene, violent, bigoted, hate-oriented, illegal, and/or promoting illegal goods, services or activities), and that You will not mislead others. You agree to: (i) use ethical and legal business practices, (ii) comply with the Advertisers’ Program terms and this Agreement, (iii) maintain a privacy policy on Your Web site and for any non-Web site based promotional method made available to Visitors, and (iv) designate Your Publisher Account as “special” if You promote an Advertiser(s) by any means other than displaying a Link to the Advertiser on Your Web site. CJ must approve all of Your promotional activities and may deem Your promotional activities inappropriate and a material breach of this Agreement in CJ’s sole discretion. Our network quality department reviews publisher conduct and any suspected fraudulent, abusive or otherwise illegal content or activity by You through Your promotional methods, or that is perpetrated through use of the Network Service, is grounds for immediate termination of this Agreement or deactivation of Your Account.

(e) Privacy. You must conspicuously post Your privacy policy on Your Web site and otherwise make it available to all Visitors. Your privacy policy must comply with all laws and regulations regarding the privacy of Visitor information, be commercially reasonable, and fully and accurately disclose Your collection and use of Visitor information. You must fully and accurately disclose Your use of third party technology, including CJ’s tracking technology, use of cookies and options for discontinuing use of such cookies.

There are many Build A Niche Store (aka BANS) sites that are missing privacy policies or have inadequate policies (including my own sites). As of this writing I was able to find about 315,000 BANS sites on Google. Of those sites, only about 11,700 have privacy policies. I did the math. Little over 3% of visible BANS sites have a privacy policy. That means if CJ decides to enforce this policy that 97% of BANS sites would be shut down, possibly for good.

I suggest that you go through all your sites that use CJ (BANS or otherwise) and make sure each has a privacy policy that meets CJ’s requirements.

I have created a template that complies with CJ’s requirements that you may use.


My instructions to add a privacy policy to your site:

Step One
  Log in to your site’s Admin and click the ‘Content Pages‘ tab and ‘Create Content Page‘ link.
Step Two
  Create your new content page and name it something like, “Privacy Policy.”
  Copy and paste the contents of privacy-policy-site-terms.htm to the Page Content area.
  Change the following bit of code before you save your changes:
  • SITE NAME (found at top of page) – change this to your site’s name
  • CONTACT US (found at bottom of page) – change this to your method of contact
  • Updated February 11, 2008 (found at bottom of page) – change this to the date you add this page
  You may decide to edit or delete portions of privacy-policy-site-terms.htm. If you do, just make sure you do not delete the required elements.
  Save page and view site for errors.


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How to Add a Privacy Policy to Your Site — 21 Comments

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  2. Mick,

    Yes, these are time-consuming, but I really love doing them.

    I appreciate the kind words from all the comments : )


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  4. All the information provided by you on your website is extremely helpful for anbody trekking accross the Bans landscape- Thanks a million.
    I use Bans v3EPN. Since we do not use CJ network in this version but the Ebay partner network do you still need to add the privacy policy?- Does EPN have this requirement?

  5. Chand,

    Excellent question. I haven’t seen that eBay’s EPN requires sites to have a privacy policy but there are two good reasons to have one anyway.

    1) Google requires all sites that display AdSense ads to have a privacy policy so if you use AdSense you need to have one.

    2) Google and other search engines like sites to have privacy policies and may rank them higher than comparable sites that don’t have them.

    I suggest you add them because they can only help your sites.


  6. Dear Rochelle,
    I noticed on your Pony site the Privacy Policy looks like a link on your footer. I would rather add it to my footer than to my main page. I’d greatly appreciate if you let me know how to do this!
    Thanks again for your help!

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  9. Have you had a chance to update this for the privacy policy for the Ebay EPN?

    Thanks for a great site and all the wonderful tips.

  10. Brian,

    Wow, am I glad you asked about this. Prior to your asking I hadn’t noticed that EPN specifies what our privacy policies need to include. Here is what eBay’s EPN agreement states regarding affiliates and privacy policies:

    “Your Privacy Policy. You will conspicuously post a privacy policy on your website or otherwise make it available to all end users. Your privacy policy must comply with all laws and regulations regarding the privacy of visitor information, be commercially reasonable, and fully and accurately disclose your collection, use and disclosure of visitor information. You will fully and accurately disclose your use of third-party technology, including ePN’s tracking technology, use of cookies and options for discontinuing use of such cookies.”

    Honestly, I’m not sure how to word that we use EPN. So, I emailed eBay and asked what they expect this to say. I just sent the email tonight and my experience is that they can take a week or more to respond. But, I will post what they say after I hear back from them.


  11. Thanks so much for this information and this template. I needed to add a Private Policy to my site, ASAP, and was so glad to find this one, complete and ready to copy, paste and modify. Thank you for all your time and effort to create this. The best of success in your internet- marketing endeavors.