How to Create eBay Affiliate Links

You can easily create eBay affiliate links for use in your niche stores or elsewhere. When eBay’s affiliate accounts were still with Commissions Junction (CJ) you could create affiliate links using eBay’s Flexible Destination Tool. Now that eBay has moved their affiliate program from CJ to their own EPN you can still use the Flexible Destination Tool but it is now located in your EPN account and it is now called Link Generator.


My instructions to create eBay affiliate links

Step One
  Log in to your eBay EPN account.
  Click the ‘Tools‘ tab and ‘Link Generator‘ link.
  Enter or choose the following:
    Advertiser = eBay (or Half if you are promoting items)
    Link Type = Custom URL
    Custom URL = URL to the page you are creating an affiliate link for
    Geo-Target = Yes, if you can (I’ve not been able to get this option to work)
    Select program to apply = country you are targeting (i.e. eBay US)
    Campaign Name or ID = Name or ID for store you are creating link for
    Custom ID = Something descriptive so you can see if link is working (i.e. shop-safely-on-ebay)
    Link Action = Only check this if you are going to use eBay’s javascript since this won’t affect those using the ‘URL Only’ link
    Link Text = Add anchor text only if you are going to use eBay’s javascript since this won’t affect those using the ‘URL Only’ link
  Click the ‘Generate Link‘ button.
Step Two
  Copy the link from any of the three link options at the bottom and paste it to your desired location. I only use the ‘URL Only’ link because I add the links created here to my sites and don’t need the other two options.

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How to Create eBay Affiliate Links — 7 Comments

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  2. Hi
    Some notes:
    - The value you chose for Custom ID will be associated with each transaction you drive. You can check it in the Transaction Download Report.
    - Geo-Targeting identifies the location of the user and will redirect the user to a particular landing page based on that location. Example: User from the UK visits your site with an eBay link to a keyword based search results page and, when they click, they will be redirected to the site for the given keyword. You can’t use it with Custom URL link type.
    - for step two:
    You can choose between the Java Script and URL only (if you did not use the Geo Targeting) code. If you are using the HTML format you have to copy/paste the Impression pixel image also to get impressions.

  3. gugsz,

    Thank you for clarifying these points. I really hope eBay figures out a way to add geo-targeting to custom URLs, as I create many of those.


  4. Thank you so much for the tutorial. I have been trying to figure out how to do this as HTML and it was driving me nuts! Thank you!!

  5. hi i have a link on my web site that goes to ebay cars but could you please tell me how to send my affilite with that aswell, i cant seem to fit it in anywhere, im using php and html code.