Would You Be Interested In Having Me Create Your Websites?

965280_under_constructionThis morning I came to a realization.  Strange as it may sound, I really enjoy researching keywords for websites.  I’m good at it, too.

What I’m not good at is doing all the things needed to promote a site, such as writing articles, submitting my site to directories, and all the other things needed to get traffic to a site.

Put another way, I love to create websites, but I do not like promoting and working on them past their initial creation.  I have found a ton of great ideas for websites but do not have the time to do what needs to be done for them if I made them for myself.  

The only reason I’m not good at promoting and marketing sites is because it bores me.  I hate doing it.  But I LOVE creating researching and creating websites (which is probably why I’m good at it).

It occurred to me that some of you may be really good at site promotion and marketing, but not good at putting a site together with the proper keywords and category names, or doing the SEO on a site.  YOu might benefit from my strengths.

And, as you know, building a site properly is just as important as promoting it.  Why not let me do the hard work of creating a site for you?

Right now, I am putting out a feeler to see if there is an interest in what I can do.  There are two ways I can do this:

I can do the research for you

You can pay me to do the research and I give the results to you.  You would then add them to your own website.  I can provide you with the following:

  • Core keyword phrase for your site.
  • Related keyword phrases for categories (for 6-8 categories).
  • URL name suggestions based on core keyword phrase.
  • Longtail keyword phrases that you can use to write posts (the number of phrases will vary based on the keywords).  I would include longtail keyword phrases for the core keyword phrase and for each category.

You can build a pre-made website from me

I build sites, with all of the above criteria, based on core keywords that I have already researched, that you can buy and build upon.  These sites would include:

  • All of the criteria already stated in the first option.
  • SEO optimization (keyword rich meta descriptions, meta titles, and meta keywords).
  • Plugins that will assist with SEO optimization, already configured.

A pre-made site would be a bare-bones site that is ready to be used.  It would not have posts or pages.  It will have free plugins only.  If you want to add paid plugins (such as phpBay Pro or Datafeedr) you certainly may, but you will need to add them.  The template will be a free template, which you can use, though I highly recommend that you upgrade to an SEO-friendly template (such as those found at Elegant Themes).

I would, of course, charge for these services, though I do not yet have an idea of a fair price.  Option 1 would be a flat rate.  Option 2 would be a flat rate, plus the cost of domain transferring.

I have quite a bit of training in building websites, and have excellent tools to use for this.  The best tool I have is Market Samurai, which is where the majority of my research would be conducted.

Lastly, all keywords that I would provide would have low-competition, and would be ideal for ranking for.

Please provide me with any feedback on this idea.  You can even state if there is anything else you would like added to either service that I didn’t cover.

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Would You Be Interested In Having Me Create Your Websites? — 6 Comments

  1. Rochelle: Great idea you have here!

    It is good to see you really thinking outside the box. There is a *HUGE* market for “turn-key” niche websites. You can view the site listings at http://www.Sitepoint.com to get an idea of what people charge and what is included.

    I know you will be very successful in this endeavor if you stick with it! Best of luck.

  2. You must be a mind reader Rochelle!! I just sent out an email to a small group of reviewers on Friday, asking them to help me critique my first endeavor into site flipping! LOL

    Tomorrow will be my first big experiment in flipping… using the exact philosophy you mention in your post. Great minds think alike!

  3. @ Tyler,

    Thanks for the link. I’m not familiar with that site so it looks to be a good resource.

    @ Mark,

    How funny is that! Good luck with your first site flipping.

  4. I am beginning to think I’m not good at any of it, but keywords have always puzzled me for some reason. I have a site I want to do over. Basically killing the first site and setting up a wordpress version. So yes,I’d like to talk to you about it!

  5. I think it’s a very good ideea because not all the people on the internet know how to choose the good keywords for their website , and some of them may have some difficulties in some things .

  6. Finally someone who can write a good blog ! . This is the kind of information that is useful to those want to increase their SERP’s. I loved your post and will be telling others about it. Subscribing to your RSS feed now. Thanks